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We are a small group of committed volunteers that aim to raise awareness about Consent in the Pacific Northwest.

The Consent Crew believes that the existing models of coersion, manipulation, and rape culture that are present in today’s society have caused hurt and harm, and are growing obsolete. We seek to bring about a paradigm shift into a culture where individuals communicate respectfully, compassionately, and consensually.

We define Consent as an informed, freely given, active, enthusiastic Yes.

Consent Culture is defined as one in which the prevailing narrative of human interaction is centred around mutual consent. It is a culture with an abhorrence of forcing anyone into anything, a respect for the absolute necessity of bodily autonomy, a culture that believes a person is always the best judge of their own wants and needs. (Adapted from The Pervocracy)

Consent Culture is the antithesis of Rape Culture, and we encourage honest self-examination of where we may have upheld rape culture scripts. We recognise that talking about Consent Culture can sometimes mean having difficult and uncomfortable conversations, sometimes even with people who might make you feel uncomfortable.

We believe that no one intends to hurt or harm others, but that sometimes we do.

We seek to explore what it means to set boundaries, and how we can all get better at hearing and respecting it when someone else tells us, “No.” We aim to examine the scripts around gender roles and social value that are so often tied in with issues of consent. We want to support you in finding better tools for communication with your friends, partners, families, and communities.

We are interested in creating a social paradigm shift, a shift to a culture where individuals communicate respectfully, compassionately, and consensually, and we thank you for joining us in this.



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  1. netmedia2

    If you guys are ever in Texas, we would love to have you doing a workshop at one of our events. Also, consider contacting Great Homeschool Conventions to do workshops at their events.

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