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Interested in consent awareness at your event?

Our first event was a spring Work Less Party Party here in our home base of Vancouver, BC. We posted consent information throughout the venue and our small group of roving ambassadors handed out “got consent?” stickers to party-goers, and engaged people in conversation. We’ve since expanded our offerings, and are happy to customize our presence for your event.

Packages Include:

The Written Word

Posters and Messaging
Sometimes, you may want to share a gentle reminder of the consent culture you value at your event. We will work with you to customize posters and other messaging for your event. If you’re not sure where that messaging should go, we can advise you on what we’ve seen others do with success! See some of the event posters we’ve designed [here]

Our most popular conversation starters and promo tools are our [“got consent?” buttons.] Designed by us and printed locally in Vancouver by six cent press, we can work with you to create custom colours and sizes for your event. See [our gallery] for some of our designs and get in touch if you’d like to order some!

Want more than just printed words or other promo tools at your event? You can combine The Words with Consent Ambassador presence.


The Presence

If you think your event attendees might respond well to people present sharing consent messaging, we can provide several levels of engagement with our team of trained Ambassadors. With enough notice, can accommodate requests for up to eight people per event. You can choose only one type of presence or mix and match Greeters, Minglers, and Educators services!

First impressions are important, and we can help set a consensual tone for your event when attendees first walk through the door. Consent Ambassadors can join your front door staff and engage people in conversations about consent when they arrive, share some of our “got consent?” buttons or other promo tools, and act as guides to start out people’s experience for the night.

Maybe you’d like to engage people throughout the night? Our Ambassadors can mingle with your attendees, engage them in conversations about consent and their experiences throughout the night, and act as another set of eyes to ensure that people are enjoying themselves in consensual style.

Do you think your attendees might be interested in a workshop about consent and consent culture before or during your event? Our educators can tailor one of our workshops to your event and deliver it on site.

“But what does it cost?,” you say? Please contact us below to discuss cost options for our presence. We want a consensual world to be accessible to everyone.