Consent Ambassadors

The Consent Ambassadors are the public face of The Consent Crew. They are individuals who are passionate about creating a Consent Culture, and have dedicated time to learning how to better role model consent practices in their lives, and volunteer their time to share this information freely with others.

The Current Role Of Consent Ambassadors at Events

  • We help to set the tone, holding space for a consensual experience.
  • We might be at the event entrance, facilitating workshops, and/or mingling with crowd.
  • We report problematic behaving people to security and event staff.
  • We support event organisers in creating event-specific consent rules.

What We Do:

  • Engage, educate and inform about Consent Culture in fun and playful ways.
  • Empower individuals with language around communication about expressing what they want, don’t want, or maybe need to think about more.
  • Encourage people to have conversations where it is okay to say No, and respect someone else’s No.

What We Don’t Do:

  • Intervene in situations as if we are the authorities.
  • Judge or Shame people for their actions or inactions.
  • Judge or Shame people for their forms of sexual and intimate expressions.
  • Violate anyone’s consent!


If you are interested in becoming a Consent Ambassador, we invite you to attend one of our Consent Ambassador Trainings. Please see the events links for more information.

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