Who We Are

10441964_10152499293451151_4019460194659453543_n Kim Dee, PhD: Co-Founder
Workshop Developer and Facilitator
Kim Dee is a passionate educator with over 16 years of teaching, facilitation, and outreach training and experience. She values experiential learning and believes that any experience can become a chance for reflection and growth. She holds a PhD in evolution and behaviour and is presently pursuing a certificate in collaborative conflict resolution. A long-time social and environmental advocate, Kim is a co-founder of the Vancouver-based Consent Crew. She is an enthusiastic and committed volunteer, dedicated to creating safer, inclusive spaces in all communities in which she participates. When she’s not challenging paradigms, she can be found in the woods, in her kitchen, on a yoga mat, caught in the spell of a fine bass beat, or in a hammock with her nose in a book.

Melina Mariposa Portrait May 2015-44-21Mel Mariposa Cassidy: Co-Founder
Workshop Developer and Facilitator

Mel is a relationship coach, and the author of the blog, Polysingleish. She is a queer, polyamorous relationship anarchist, and an advocate for consent culture. With over sixteen years of experience teaching and facilitating classes and workshops, she is also co-producer for the successful Erotica Electronica series in Vancouver, BC. She holds a certification in Counselling for Intimacy in Relationships from the Vancouver College of Counsellor Training, and through her practice, Radical Relationship Coaching, she helps individuals discover new dimensions of their relationships to themselves, and the people in their lives.

Victor Salmon, Workshop Facilitator
professional VictorVictor is a queer, kinky relationship anarchist. Formally trained in BDSM, Victor has a strong foundation in negotiation, consent, and mentorship. Focusing on emotional intelligence and nonviolent communication, Victor is enthusiastic about teaching. Having taught workshops and with more than five Westcoast Bound conventions attended, Victor is committed to ongoing development and community outreach. Articles on consent and introductions to alternative lifestyles are offered on his blog, Alt+.