It’s been a little quiet around here…

l Grillo Parlante (The Talking Cricket) illustrated by Enrico Mazzanti

Though we always have the best intentions, this blog seems to be one of the last things on our long to do lists that gets attention. Despite that, we’ve been working away at new content and initiatives and partnerships with our favourite Vancouver-based harm reduction crew, Karmik. In the meantime, check our Facebook page for more frequently updated content and announcements of upcoming workshops and events!

Watch this space…

We’ve been a little quiet around here lately, but we promise it’s because we’ve been working on a lot of very exciting offline things. Workshops! Specialized training sessions! Education material for local summer festivals! And…we also have jobs and lives that we love to pay attention to, plus we hear it’s healthy to sleep and engage in other self-care activities…


All that being said, we’ll be updating our website very soon, with upcoming schedules, including events you can find us at, as well as ways we can be at your events, a photo gallery, and education materials and other resources we’d love to share with you.

Stay tuned!

Got Consent?

Hi! Welcome to the online portal for The Consent Crew!

Based out of Vancouver, BC, we’re a grassroots initiative dedicated to nurturing the growth of Consent Culture.

This website is pretty bare-bones at the moment, but we aim to use this as a hub for resources, training materials, workshop ideas, graphics, and more.